Guscott Orchestral Instrument Range

Alyssa-Mae™ Quiet Electric range

All of the Alyssa-Mae™ instruments can be listened to with headphones as well as being able to play a CD backing track “through the instrument” whilst playing along and hearing both in the headphones.
With the Alyssa-Mae™ “Quiet” instruments you can play for hours without disturbing the rest of the household.

Achieve™ Acoustic/Electric range

Fully acoustic stringed instruments for all traditional orchestral playing, with built in sensors, electronics and batteries enabling amplified solo or band performance through any suitable sound system.
With Achieve™ you can also play along to your favourite CD backing tracks through the comfort and privacy of headphones (hearing both the CD and your playing in the headphones).

Ideal for students that require an acoustic instrument for use in an orchestra and also want the added benefit of an electric instrument, with no messy add-on bugs or pickups.