Guscott Australia

In 2001 Guscott Australia shocked the conservative world of violin making by introducing a composite bodied electric violin that sounds like a classic acoustic concert model.

Guscott quiet electric violins are sensual, versatile, eminently musical and stand up to the rigours of constant touring and giging.

All the instruments from Guscott Australia have the quiet headphone mode and the ability to play-a-long to backing track CD hearing both the instrument and the CD in the headphones.

This means that practising scales etc., no longer needs to be disruptive to others in the household.

In 2002, Guscott Australia released the Alyssa-Mae quiet electric stringed orchestral instrument range. The violin, viola, cello, and double-bass which are finished in tough automotive paint finishes in a range of selected colours.

In 2005, Guscott Australia added the latest hi-tech carbonfibre instruments made from “pre-peg” carbon fibre that is cured in an ‘autoclave’. Available in two styles the professional model with belt pack containing pre-amp, batteries and controls with a mute button or the lower priced Alyssa-May model with pre-amp, batteries and volume control built in.

The instruments boast a one piece body, neck and head construction making them extremely light and durable. The professional model is approximately 20% lighter than the average acoustic violin and with a clear lacquered finish has a striking woven black fabric look.

Five string carbonfibre models will be available in both styles by April 2006

Guscott Australiaproduces a range of instruments suitable for the beginner, casual player and professional musician.

David Guscott holding a CFAMP4 with the signature of Andre Rieu

CFAMGPS Carbon fibre Violin

GPS 5 string Violin