Welcome to Guscott Australia


“Are you looking for the worlds best sounding electric Violin?”

Well you have arrived.

Guscott Quiet Electric Stringed Instruments, hand made to order and delivered world wide. Acclaimed by professional musicians and sound engineers as the best sounding electric stringed instruments available in the World!

Composers and players are now provided with amazing opportunities. Trios, Quartets and even an eleven piece orchestra of these instruments can now be played either in a traditional way or in a contemporary way using all manner of electronic effects to produce unique and wonderful sounds previously not contemplated by composers.

Guscott Australia have now added hi-tech carbonfibre violins to the range, the instruments boast a one piece body, neck and head construction making them extremely light and durable

Guscott Australia have a range of quiet electric stringed instruments that include;

  • Violins 4 & 5 string
  • Chin-cello 4 & 5 string
  • Viola 4, 5, 6 & 7 string
  • Cello
  • Double bass
  • Electric Upright Bass