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We use and recommend Super-Sensitive Strings.
We use and recommend Super-Sensitive

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We use
and recommend We use and recommend Super-Sensitive Strings.

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David Guscott of Guscott Electric Strings is pleased to announce that we will be hosting a 15th Anniversary Concert called “Toowoomba’s Homegrown Music Celebration”. This will take place at the Humeridge Auditorium, 469 Hume Street Toowoomba, Qld. At 7pm on 24th September, 2016.

Our headline act is Ian Cooper and band supported by Peter Shurley and Paris Dreaming.

This is without doubt a $70/seat value show and you can get your ticket for only $35.Tickets available at

“X10” Double neck 10 string violin/chincello


“X10” Double neck 10 string violin/chincello. A world first opposing double neck violin, this instrument will be played publicly for the first time in concert at the Humeridge Auditorium in Toowoomba.

“X10” Double neck 10 string violin/chincello

5 STRING DOUBLE BASS After years in planning and execution; patterns and moulds were finished just in time to finish an instrument for release to the public at 2013’s Canberra National Folk Festival. A 5 string double bass with a lowB. It is the same body shape as the “Flamin’ Bass” on our Alyssa-Mae Bass page, but has a 5 string neck and head stock. This instrument is finished with chrome panels on matt black. ”


Guscott Australia are very pleased to present the latest hi-tech carbonfibre electric violin.

Made from “pre-peg” carbon fibre that is cured in an ‘autoclave’ the instrument boasts a one piece body, neck and head construction making it extremely light and durable. It weighs approx. 400 grams (20% lighter than the average acoustic violin) and it’s clear lacquered finish has a striking woven black fabric look. more...

Electric violin set for world stage debut Click here to view PDF file
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Guscott Australia has added a 7 string Viola to its range.
The first of these instruments was custom built for a professional artist in Israel.

Video CD Featuring 5 Guscott Instruments.
Guscott Australia has produced a video CD featuring Peter Shurley playing 5 of the Guscott range of quiet electric instruments. Contact David Guscott to arrange a copy.

Stock Instruments for Sale...

Although our instruments are usually custom made, from time to time Guscott Australia have second-hand or ex- display models for immediate sale. Please contact for the latest available instruments, and tell him what you are after...

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