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Electric Upright Bass

EUB 4.2 Electric Upright Bass
EUB 4.2

We use and recommend Super-Sensitive Strings.
We use and recommend Super-Sensitive

Body and Neck: 100 year old Hoop Pine.

Headstock: Reverse fender style

Machine Heads: Schaller

Truss Rod: Single truss rod to neck (adjustable at bridge end).

Scale: 40.5"

Pickups: Embedded in the bridge.

Pre-amp: Professional pre-amp system with volume, tone and mute controls.

On/Off: Pre-amp is switched on by inserting the headphone plug or the lead into the output jack.

Batteries: 4 AA Batteries should last approximately 250 hrs of playing.

Case: Fully moulded leather-look fibre glass case, foam padded and panne velvet lined. Available in colours of grey, white or black.

The EUB 4.2 is now available...

This recent creation from David Guscott features body and neck made from 100 year old Hoop pine.

Electric Upright Bass Headstock

The head stock is reverse "Fender" style.
Electric Upright Bass bridgeThe pickup sensors are embedded into the bridge and are connected to our professional pre-amp.

Controls are Volume, Tone and Mute.

Headphones can be used for private playing or as personal fold back during performance playing if needed.

Electric Upright Bass
As with all our instruments, a CD player can be plugged into the "output" jack so that you can hear a soundtrack and your own playing in the headphones.

The pre-amp is turned on by inserting either a 3.5mm headphone plug into the headphone jack or a 6mm lead into the output jack.

The unit is powered by 4 AA batteries and should last for approximately 250 hours of playing.

With the mute button pressed in, the output is turned off but you will still hear your playing in the headphones
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