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We use and recommend Super-Sensitive Strings.
We use and recommend Super-Sensitive



GPS Violins & GPS Chin-Cello

Natural Stereo Sound
When you play an acoustic violin, your left ear predominately hears the lower strings while your right ear hears the higher pitched strings. At Guscott we have reproduced this effect by designing a stereo bridge that is coupled to a stereo pre amplifier. When you plug in the headphones and play, you will hear the lower strings in your left ear and the higher strings in your right ear, of course we have built into the pre-amp a degree of harmonic crossover so that the total effect is one of surround sound.

Play along to a CD
When you have finished practising your scales, you may wish to play along to a CD backing track for your current practice pieces. Simply plug the output of your CD player into the 6.5mm stereo input/output on the violin and you can hear both your playing and the CD in the headphones, in full stereo.

Minimum Disturbance
This mode of playing is why we call our instruments "Quiet". You can play for hours without disturbing the rest of the household.

Performance Pleasure
When you want to thrill your home 'audience' with your playing, simply plug the instrument's 6.5mm stereo output into your hi-fi auxiliary channel and your audience will hear the instrument in glorious stereo also. For the big gig, you can DI with our stereo to mono lead into the main PA system or plug into a mono or stereo keyboard amplifier to keep up with the rest of the band.

We are confident you will love the versatility of Guscott Quiet Electric Stringed Instruments. They are ideal for practice, performance and recording.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Instruments of integrity for a lifetime of pleasure.