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larger View of GPS 4 string Chin-Cello
GPS 4string Chin-Cello
larger View of GPS 5 string Chin-Cello
GPS 5 string Chin-Cello

larger View of GPS 5 string Chin-Cello
GPS Belt Pack

Listen to a Quiet Electric Stringed Instrument

We use and recommend Super-Sensitive Strings.


Guscott Quiet Electric Chin Cello...

By using 'Octave' Viola strings, (Made by Super Sensitive USA.), including the octave C string, a four or five string Cello pitch is obtained. The beautiful low resonances are "collected" by our Guscott & Greber custom made bridge and enhanced by the on board preamplifier (a customised violin pre-amp to maximise the tonal quality). The resultant tones are almost unbelievable !.

If you heard this instrument being played without being able to see it, you wouldn't believe that the sound was coming from a violin sized instrument.

Fitted with our ‘Guscott Professional Series’ bridge with the professional pre-amp, batteries and controls contained in a belt pack to minimise the instrument weight.

Peter Shurley was our first professional violinist to use one, and he loved it so much, he has featured it on his latest CD.


  • Pre amplifier by Greber.

  • Belt pack contains Guscott Professional Series preamp including volume, tone and mute button and 4 ‘'AA' batteries (lasting 200-300 hours of play).

  • Professional bridge by Guscott & Greber.

  • Rosewood timber features in ebonized, stained or plain.

  • Available in the colour of your choice, some colours may vary the price.

  • Choose from four stringed or five stringed instruments

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Instruments of integrity for a lifetime of pleasure.