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Harlequin CFAMGPS4 Violin

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We use and recommend Super-Sensitive Strings.


Guscott Australia are very pleased to present the latest hi-tech carbonfibre electric violin.

Made from “pre-peg” carbon fibre that is cured in an ‘autoclave’ the instrument boasts a one piece body, neck and head construction making it extremely light and durable. It weighs approx. 400 grams (20% lighter than the average acoustic violin) and it’s clear lacquered finish has a striking woven black fabric look.

Fitted with our ‘Guscott Professional Series’ bridge with the professional pre-amp and batteries contained in a belt pack to optimize the ultra light weight design.

Available in 4 string and 5 string models.

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CFAMGPS4 (carbon fibre professional series Alyssa-Mae style 4 string electric violin)

CFAMGPS5 (carbon fibre professional series Alyssa-Mae style 5 string electric violin)

  • Body, neck and head – all carbon fibre.
  • Weight 4 string– Approx. 410 grams. (Clear finish)
  • Weight 5 string– Approx. 495 grams. (Clear finish)
  • Electronics – Guscott professional series 4 sensor bridge.
  • Belt pack contains Guscott Professional Series preamp including volume, tone and mute button, and 4 ‘'AA' batteries.
  • Pegs – handmade Australian Rosewood, dark stained.
  • Tailpiece – handmade Australian Rosewood, dark stained, inbuilt fine tuners.
  • Endpin – ebony.
  • Chinrest – handmade Australian Rosewood.
  • Fingerboard and nut – handmade Australian Rosewood
  • Strings – ‘Pinnacle’ by SuperSensitive USA
  • Warranty - *lifetime

This instrument is also available as Octave violin CFGPSAMOV4 includes hard case.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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