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What's being said about the Guscott Quiet Electric Stringed Instruments by Artists and Musicians.

"The Guscott carbon fibre 5 string is by far the best electric violin available today. Having tried many others, it’s a dream come true to find this instrument delivers all that's promised and more. With its lightweight design, you can play for hours without experiencing the usual fatigue. The sound is unlike any I've heard, pure, crisp and with the dynamics of an acoustic violin. The feel of the fingerboard is very comfortable; making playing and improvising easier—without doubt; a masterstroke of electric violin making."
Shenton Gregory.

"The ability to 'play-a-long' and practise with minimum disturbance is a great bonus to practising musicians of all ages. As a string teacher, I often hear students complain about the disruptive aspects of practising in a home setting, and the frustration of requiring an accompanist for anything other than solo studies or technical work. It is pleasing to see an Australian product has considered these aspects in producing a versatile instrument that caters for these kinds of problems."
Michelle Lovett Lecturer, Music Education, Expressive Arts Education University of Southern Queensland.

"As the proud new owner of a Guscott 5 string electric violin, I can't give words to the new dimension this beautiful instrument has brought to my stage performance. I've fallen in love with this violin - and so has my audience. From the rich resonance of the low 'c' string to the smooth warm tones of the higher strings, the uniqueness of this instrument has opened up a whole new world of creative exploration and expression. The precision craftsmanship is second to none, so much so that after just a few hours with this instrument, I felt like I'd been playing it for years!!!
I can't recommend this violin highly enough to anyone who wants to take their playing to a whole new level."
Peter Shurley Professional Violinist / Entertainer / Evangelist.

"Young string players, in particular are drawn to the electric violin. Not only does it look good but it also offers them a choice of sonorities, from the rich classical tone of a classical violin to the more electric or even distorted sound of an electric guitar. Another attractive feature is the headphone input which allows the player to practise without disturbing those nearby or plug into a backing tape/CD and hear the violin in stereo through the headphones as if it is part of the recorded music ... who needs an accompanist? Unlike other electric violins, the Guscott Electric Violin retains many of the features of its more distant, classical cousins. At the same time its special capabilities open the way for the violin family to increasingly find a voice in the less-traditional performance spaces of jazz, rock, folk and world music."
'Stringendo', Cover Story, Volume 23, Number 2, 2001.

One of our very happy Sydney customer’s wrote ….
The search for the ultimate electric sound can be a daunting one for any self-respecting violinist. Not only are there a wide variety of different axes on the market, but all sorts of acoustic based alternatives can present themselves by way of bugs, mikes and transmitters to tempt and confuse the most enthusiastic of spirits.
The choice to go pure electric can be motivated by a number of things. For me, the limitations of an acoustic instrument wired up for whatever were most apparent when seeking to groove over a wide variety of styles using the sound effects found in the various pedals, FX units and Pods on the market….that, and trying to be heard over wailing electric guitars…guys/gals, no disrespect intended!!
Access to a wide palette of sound possibilities also means adding something unique to the language and scope of the violin. As a firm believer that this is the way of the future for the instrument, I needed an approach that wasn’t compromised by the ever-present underlying acoustic sound, beautiful and appropriate as this might be in many contexts.
My wired up acoustic simply couldn’t deal with a true reproduction of effects over the whole fingerboard, especially on the high and lonesome E-string, and the acoustic tone in the left ear made it difficult to hear what was really happening via the sound system when engaging effects.
I first played a Guscott electric violin at a mates place (Hi Marcus) after spending a few months auditioning a range of other instruments. My problems with these forerunners including lack of flexibility to adjust fixed features such as chin rests and shoulder rests, physical discomfort with the shape of instrument, problems with bridge construction and most importantly sound that just didn’t do it. My first experience with a Guscott was played through a GT6 guitar effects unit and the strength and clarity of the effects reproduction (from harmonist to Hendrix), plus the comfort, look and playability of the instrument decided it for me then and there.
Since purchasing the 5 string Quiet Electric, I have also really enjoyed the advantage of playing acoustically at any hour of the day or night and remaining a source of non-disturbance for neighbours and loved ones. The look is also something unique and makes for appreciative comments from musicians and audience alike.

Annette Golden.

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