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We offer a 3 Year Warranty with all of our Alyssa-Mae range because we are confident that this instrument will provide you with years of music pleasure

3-Year Warranty Details

David C. Guscott quiet electric stringed instruments warrants that on this Guscott instrument it will replace any part found to be defective in material or workmanship. The instrument must be shipped to Guscott in Toowoomba, Australia at the owner's expense, Guscott will return the instrument to the owner at the owner's expense. The warranty becomes effective only after the receipt of the completed warranty card within ten (10) days from the date of purchase. Also enclose a photocopy of the sales invoice for this instrument. The warranty herein extends only to the original purchaser of the new Guscott instrument. Should the instrument be resold in the future, Guscott requires a letter from both the seller and the Purchaser detailing: name, address, ph/fax, e-mail and sale price, within ten days of the sale. If this is complied with then the 3-Year warranty will be extended to the new owner. This 3 Year warranty shall not apply to Guscott instruments which have been subject to non Guscott authorised alterations, misuse, accident, neglect (such as extremes of temperature and or moisture) or to wear resulting from normal use, nor damage caused by external equipment or -consequential damage to other equipment due to Guscott's instrument failure.
The Trade Practices Act and certain legislation of the states confer additional rights on persons who acquire goods and render the exclusion of modification of those rights ineffective. Except to the extent to which such legislation applies to the sale of this GUSCOTT product, and the rights thereby conferred are rendered incapable of exclusion, this warranty supersedes and excludes all representation, conditions and warranties whether express or implied by law.

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