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Some of the Guscott range of instrumentsWe use and recommend Super-Sensitive Strings.
We use and recommend Super-Sensitive

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Orchestral instruments of distinction...

Guscott Australia started out with the GPS range. The Professional Series with its superb sound and features has been very popular. Many players, however, desired a quality instrument at a much lower price level.

Guscott Australia and Greber Electronics carried out extensive research and experimental development culminating in the Alyssa-Mae Quiet Electric Violin. This instrument has minimal electronics with a nicely balanced built in E.Q. so that the only control necessary on board is a volume control.

After the development of the violin was completed, Guscott developed a four & five string Viola, a four string Cello and a four string Bass Violin. These prototypes all have brilliant sound, paving the way to production models.

The production Viola is constructed similar to the Violin enabling a very reasonable price level.

The production Cello and Bass have bodies of reinforced fibre composite with professional quality bridge and electronics.

All of the Alyssa-Mae instruments can be listened to with headphones as well as being able to play a CD backing track "through the instrument" whilst playing along and hearing both in the headphones.

Guscott Australia provides peace of mind with a three year warranty on all "Alyssa-Mae" models.

Instruments of integrity for a lifetime of pleasure.