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Alyssa-Mae Range

larger View of AMBV4.2 Bass
Double Bass AMBV4.2

larger View of Double Bass
Double Bass 4/4 prototype

larger View of Double Bass Construction
Professional bridge
Headstock construction.

Listen to a Quiet Electric Stringed Instrument

We use and recommend Super-Sensitive Strings.

Double Bass...


  • Body Length:
    3/4 body available only. Made of reinforced fibre composite.

  • Body, Neck & Head Construction:
    One piece reinforced epoxy fibre composite.
    (for strength and light weight.)

  • Paint:
    Body and neck are finely sanded and prepared with automotive undercoats and finishes providing an extremely durable surface that can be polished with auto polish.

  • Strings:
    We fit Super Sensitive strings for the quality of the sound obtained.

  • Batteries:
    4 AA batteries provide 200-300 hours of playing time (when plugged in).

  • Controls: Professional series preamplifier and bridge providing volume, tone and mute controls onboard for easy player access.

  • Jacks:
    3mm diameter jack for stereo headphones.
    6.5mm diameter jack is an output jack for P.A. or Amplifier. This jack also doubles as an input jack for playing along to CD's when listening through the headphones.

  • We are able to fit a custom slap pickup sensor under the fingerboard with a separate volume control to blend slap sound with bridge pickup sound.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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