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Achieve Acoustic / Electric Range

Some of the Guscott range of instruments

Some of the Guscott range of instruments

We use and recommend Super-Sensitive Strings.
We use and recommend Super-Sensitive


Fully acoustic Violin for all traditional orchestral playing, with built in sensors, electronics and batteries enabling amplified solo or band performance through any suitable sound system.
With Achieve™ you can also play along to your favourite CD backing tracks through the comfort and privacy of headphones (hearing both the CD and your playing in the headphones).


  • Body Length:
    4/4 Violin.

  • Construction:
    Traditional acoustic.

  • Strings:
    We fit Super Sensitive strings for the quality of the sound obtained.

  • Batteries:
    4 AAA batteries provide 150-200 hours of playing time (when plugged in).

  • Controls: An onboard volume control is mounted to the rear right hand side of the top skin.

  • Jacks:
    3mm diameter jack for stereo headphones.
    6.5mm diameter jack is an output jack for P.A. or Amplifier. This jack also doubles as an input jack for playing along to CD's when listening through the headphones.

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Guscott Australia™ provides peace of mind with a two year warranty* on Achieve™ models.

** Conditions apply

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